“We would like to introduce our daughters, Hope and Ella Pilling. Lansdowne Children’s Centre has been a part of both girls’ life since they were two years
of age. Both have benefited from services such as Speech, Physio and Occupational Therapies. The dedicated staff, therapist and doctors at Lansdowne have supported Hope and Ella to grow, develop necessary skills and increase their independence.

The centre has also assisted us to navigate resources and programs to further help Hope and Ella in their future growth and development. Over the last 3 years, the Every Kid Counts program has played an important part in Hope and Ella’s life. This program has provided support for both girls to attend day camps throughout the summers and March Break. The extra support provided has helped Hope and Ella grow and develop their confidence, social interactions and friendships.

Hope is now 10, and Ella’s almost 7. It is hard to imagine where they would be with out the dedicated and committed staff that work at Lansdowne and the
Every Kid Counts program.”
-Zach & Julie Pilling