What sort of programs do the kids participate in?

The freedom of choice is a wonderful thing.  Everyone should be able to try new things, challenge themselves and make new friends.  Many of our EKC program participants have had a great time at summer camps, playing little league, learning to cannonball into the water at swimming lessons, selling cookies at girl guides, making new friends in after school programs and getting in touch with their creative side in art class. 

What do the kids get out of it?

The benefits of recreation and active living are crucial for everyone – and children and youth with special needs are no different.  Being an active participant...

  •  Enhances overall health and well being.
  • Is an excellent therapeutic tool to restore physical, mental and social abilities.
  • Teaches children and youth motor skills, social skills, and creativity.
  • Helps to develop intellectual capacities and concepts through play and sports.
  • Builds self esteem and a positive self image.

How is Every Kid Counts funded?

EKC is solely financially supported by the Lansdowne Children's Centre Foundation and specifically by the funds raised through donations received from the community.  Each year the LCC Foundation strives to raise more funds to directly relate to the growth of the EKC program.  The more funds we receive = the more children we can serve.

What is Every Kid Counts?

The Every Kid Counts program (EKC) is an award winning program that was originally designed by the staff at Lansdowne Children’s Centre.  EKC allows children and youth with special needs to have an equal opportunity to participate in local recreational programs of their choice.  Most often the child or youth will require a Support Worker (SW).   The SW will provide both hands-on and programming support to the child, family and recreation staff as well as aid the child in fully participating in the provided programming.

How long has Every Kid Counts been around?

EKC will celebrate its 18th anniversary in 2018.  Since its inception the EKC program has served over 1100 children and youth in our community.  It has made it possible for kids with special needs to have the freedom of choice and the joy of inclusion in community based programs.

How many kids participate in Every Kid Counts?

Currently each year the EKC program is able to provide 110 kids with 40 hours each of recreational programming.  Sadly it is the reality that LCC cannot honor all the requests they receive from the families.  We regularly have to defer or decline the requests.